Metal Adventures: Manuel des Joueurs

Metal Adventures: Manuel des Joueurs

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Metal Adventures: Manuel des Joueurs

Players: 2+Nb of players

288 PagesNumber of pages

Age: 14+Minimum age

AmateurType of public


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In a galaxy that expands and depletes infinitely, a desperate humanity agonises in a seemingly endless war. Locked in four gigantic and absurd star nations, they try in vain to protect themselves against raiders and mutants. Crushed by the mad mechanisms of power and war, she is drawn into armadas that fight for galactic supremacy. In the face of this madness, men and women with valiant hearts have decided to live their own destiny, free from the fratricidal domination of the stellar nations. They have chosen a dangerous but emancipating existence, vibrant with freedom and exoticism. They are called space pirates!

Metal Adventures: Manuel des Joueurs funded on the Ulule platform

Metal Adventures: Manuel des Joueurs was funded on the Crowdfunding Ulule (See the campaign) platform on the Mar 6, 2020, the campaign lasted 45 days. 275 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was €7,500.00. Thanks to these 275 people the game could be funded up to €50,320.00, ~670.93%.

Rule, Educational Sheet ... one File AvailableOne File Available

Contents of the box : 1 book of 288 pages.

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Primary titleMetal Adventures: Manuel des Joueurs
Year published2021
Release DateMay 2021
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Product CodeGMOPMAJ
Weight0.22 lbs
Size8.54 x 11.97 x 0.83 inches
Number of pages288
Type of paperColor of page
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DesignersArnaud Cuidet
ArtistsCamille Durand-KriegelDimitri BielakGeoffrey StepourenkoJérôme OyhenartRémi Le CaponErvin
PublishersOpen Sesame Games
Type of publicAmateur