P'tits Pirates is a role-playing game for children aged 6 and upwards, in which they will play young and intrepid pirates travelling through the eight regions that make up the Big Blue Lady. The P'tits Pirates basic book contains everything you need to have great adventures, whether you are a Captain or a Bailiff! As the average game lasts 45 minutes or 1 hour, this game offers a moment of authentic sharing with family and friends, as well as in leisure centres, media libraries, bookstores, classrooms... in short, any place where games, culture and the imagination are omnipresent.

P'tits Pirates contains complete rules for playing (character creation, action management, adventure creation...), a description of the regions that make up the Big Blue Lady and the strange creatures that the Moussaillons might encounter, an example of a game with exchanges between a Captain and his Moussaillons, but also advice for Captains and 10 Traversées (adventures) accompanied by their maps and plans to live extraordinary adventures.

P'tits Pirates ArtworkP'tits Pirates ArtworkP'tits Pirates ArtworkP'tits Pirates ArtworkP'tits Pirates ArtworkP'tits Pirates Cover

P'tits Pirates funded on the Ulule platform

P'tits Pirates was funded on the Crowdfunding Ulule (See the campaign) platform on the Oct 30, 2021, the campaign lasted 35 days. 312 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was €5,000.00. Thanks to these 312 people the game could be funded up to €19,100.00, ~382.00%.

Contents of the box : 1 book of 128 pages.

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Primary titleP'tits Pirates
Year published2021
Release DateDecember 2021
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Product CodeLRPPTP01
Weight1.06 lbs
Size6.69 x 9.45 x 1.57 inches
Number of pages128
Type of paperColor of page
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DesignersDavid Díaz
ArtistsAlba AragonDaria UstiugovaDenys KuvaievOlga GribanovaSiro 46Tanya SyrytsynaTheeradech SaninVera PetrukWiji LacsamanaArybickiiCirodeliaDarkbirdFotofabrikaNazlisartRoundexSonateTortoonVectorwinsVerAtro
PublishersLa Loutre Rôliste
Type of publicChildren