Spire: Le Soulèvement

Spire: Le Soulèvement

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Spire: Le Soulèvement

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Spire, a sprawling city one thousand five hundred metres high, a nightmarish maze of winding alleys and corridors, is the home of the dark elves, the Drows. Two hundred years ago, after a brutal and bloody war, the mysterious high elves, the Aelfirs, took the city from the dark elves, allowing them to live there in exchange for four years of servitude to an Aelfir lord. Spire is now an occupied city, under the tyrannical rule of cold and cruel masters. As a Drow, you decided to fight the oppression of the Aelfirs and to free your city. You joined the Cult of the Hidden Sovereign, an order that worships the dark side of the Moon, a deity of darkness and secrets. You are the Resistance! Engaged in enemy territory, you have sworn to sabotage and destroy the Aelfirs' hold on Spire. You will stop at nothing to dethrone the tyrants and drive them from the city.

Spire, urban fantasy without concessions. Spire is a role-playing game set in a punk fantasy universe where political intrigue, Machiavellian plans and sedition reign supreme. You and your friends play as desperate drow rebels who fight to wrest power from the tyrants of the Aelfirs, no matter what the cost. The game uses a simple rule system to tell the story of a brutal revolt where life is worthless, alliances fluctuate, and magic is a mysterious and dangerous energy. This book contains all the rules you need to organize your games of Spire, as well as a comprehensive description of the districts and factions that make up the city.

An expanded French edition. This edition also includes Dust and Blood, an adventure and campaign setting that takes you into the seamy underbelly of the Red District. You'll find primers, hints, factions, pre-started characters and personalities that players and GMs are free to exploit as they see fit.

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Contents of the box : 1 book of 232 pages.

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Primary titleSpire: Le Soulèvement
Year published2021
Release DateJanuary 2021
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Weight1.65 lbs
Size5.83 x 8.27 x 1.77 inches
Number of pages232
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DesignersChristopher TaylorGrant Howitt
ArtistsAdrian Stone
PublishersBarbu Inc.
Type of publicAmateur