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2 PlayersNb of players

30 MinPlaying time

Age: 10+Minimum age

FamilyType of public


(Good - usually willing to play.)


Goryō is an asymmetric game of investigation and deduction for two players taking place in the mystical feudal Japan. A player will play the role of the Samurai in charge of guarding the Imperial Palace. His mission: to chase away a terrible vengeful spirit, the Goryō, embodied by the other player. But exorcising a spirit is not such an easy task....

Goryõ ArtworkGoryõ CartesGoryõ CoverGoryõ Cover 3dGoryõ EclateGoryõ Eclate

Rule, Educational Sheet ... one File AvailableOne File Available

Contents of the box : 1 game board, 1 Samurai board, 1 Samurai board, 1 board Goryō, 5 broken object stones, 3 Esprit tokens, 1 erasable marker, 32 piece tiles (1 object side and 1 sealed object side), 8 object tiles (1 intact object side and 1 broken object side), 8 Object tokens (1 object face and 1 sealed object face), 1 Goryō marker token, 5 counters (1 Goryō, 4 Samurai), 13 Index markers (7 green, 6 red), 13 cubes, 1 bag, 1 screen Goryō

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Primary titleGoryõ
Year published2019
Release DateSeptember 2019
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
LanguagesEnglish, French, Italian
Product CodeGOR01
EAN Code8052080020173
Weight2.13 lbs
Size7.87 x 7.87 x 3.15 inches
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Personal noteAdd a personal comment
DesignersAndrea Candiani
ArtistsNicola Angius
PublishersGateongamesÔz Éditions
DistributorsPaille Editions
Type of publicFamily