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In this game, you play as adventurous dwarves living in seclusion in their caves. You will dig caves and tunnels in search of rubies and ore, and arrange them to create both living and working areas. You'll need ore to forge the weapons you need for the expeditions you'll undertake in search of adventure and booty. Rubies are a valuable and highly flexible resource: you can trade them for resources and terrain tiles at any time. In front of your cave entrances, you will seek to secure your livelihood by cutting down trees, raising animals and farming.

Caverna returns in a new edition. Caverna is the next evolution of the beloved Agricola. In this dwarf management game, you will continue to cultivate, raise and develop your home, but you will also have to explore the mines. In addition to developing the caves, you will also discover other ways to receive resources. Plus, you'll be able to play up to seven players!

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Contents of the box : more than 300 wooden pieces, more than 60 acrylic pieces, 16 boards with more than 400 tiles and tokens, 30 cards, 1 notepad, 1 game rule, 1 appendix.

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Primary titleCaverna
Year published2020
Release DateJuly 2020
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Product CodeCAVFR01
EAN Code3770001556000
Weight7.58 lbs
Size8.90 x 12.60 x 4.09 inches
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DesignersUwe Rosenberg
ArtistsJavier González Cava
Type of publicPassionate