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In Bitoku, players take on the role of Bitoku forest spirits on their journey to transcendence, with the goal of ascending and becoming the next great forest spirit. To do this, they will have the help of the yōkai, kodamas and various pilgrims who accompany them on their journey. This is a game of hand management and engine building with multiple paths to victory. Players will have yōkai represented by the cards that make up their hand, which they will have to place in the right places at the right times in order to make the most of the abilities they offer. In addition, over the course of the game, players can gain more yōkai cards for their deck, allowing them to increase their play options and get a higher score. Each player also has three yōkai guardians (in the form of dice) that they can send to the large forest regions on the main board to gain all sorts of new options that they can play during the game.

These options can be structures they build in certain areas of the forest, soul crystals that generate resources when certain actions are performed, and many more. Players also have the option of helping the mitamas, lost souls in search of redemption, by using chinkon fireflies. There really is a wide range of actions to take, not to mention the personal realm where players can implement another layer of strategy while managing the pilgrims. Pilgrims are disciples of the player who embark on journeys of contemplation and reflection and then share with the Bitoku the experiences and knowledge they have gained along the spiritual path.

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Contents of the box : 1 main board (14 pre-cut tiles, 4 individual boards, 4 flags, 12 dice), 174 counters (1 Great Spirit counter, 1 Pagoda counter, 12 Player counters, 44 Pilgrim counters, 20 Kodama counters, 24 Building counters, 72 Resource tokens), 153 tiles (24 Building tiles, 6 Ancient Building tiles, 5 Lake Treasure tiles, 32 Crystal tiles, 24 Mitama tiles, 32 Dragonfly tiles, 16 Gate tiles, 13 Iwakura Rock tiles, 1 Tengu Attitude tile), 111 cards (29 Yökai cards, 20 starting Yökai cards, 24 Bitoku cards, 28 Vision cards, 10 Tengu Action cards), 58 Amulets, 32 Resource tiles x3, 12 Hikaru markers, 4 game aids, 1 rule booklet.

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Primary titleBitoku
Year published2022
Release DateSeptember 2022
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Weight6.61 lbs
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DesignersDávid TurcziGermán P. MillánXavi Bordes Aymerich
ArtistsEdu Valls
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