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2-4 PlayersNb of players

90 MinPlaying time

Age: 12+Minimum age

FamilyType of public


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In Caral, all players play as master builders, creating pyramids in a rhythmic cycle of years while influencing the length of each cycle. The unique rhythm of progression allows players to put pressure on themselves. Can you master the interlocking mechanics to win? In the course of the game, we find ourselves more than 4500 years in the past, competing against each other and experiencing the heyday of the ancient Caral.

Caral will surprise you with a new gaming experience! What starts out very simple, develops into something surprisingly complex. For example, alpacas and resource cards allow you more flexibility on the spiral path. But sacrificing valuable cards during the annual ceremony can give you great advantages over other players. It's all about tactics! Make Caral your own game with different modules that allow you to increase the complexity of the game as you wish (chronicle style) - turning Caral into a game you can enjoy with your family as well as with experienced players.

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Caral funded on the Kickstarter platform

Caral was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the Nov 16, 2021, the campaign lasted 28 days. 1,290 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was €35,000.00. Thanks to these 1,290 people the game could be funded up to €87,628.00, ~250.37%.

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Contents of the box : 53 Pyramid Level tiles, 1 architect die, 1 game board, 4 transport sled tiles, 1 fame track, 1 reference card, 44 Caralis tokens, 4 Family tokens, 8 fame tokens, 1 Diplomat token, 1 Architect token, 28 Alpaca tokens, 16 Stone tokens, 7 Yearly tiles, 1 Anaconda token, 8 Progress tiles, 1 Emissary board, 12 Emissary tiles, 65 cards, 1 rule book.

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Primary titleCaral
Year published2023
Release DateJanuary 2023
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Product CodeCARAL_FR_001_092022
EAN Code3770006370212
Weight5.51 lbs
Size11.69 x 11.69 x 2.80 inches
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DesignersKlaus-Jürgen Wrede
ArtistsHendrik Noack
PublishersBlue Cocker GamesFuntails
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily