The Mediterranean Sea in ancient times. Images of beautiful coastlines to explore and legendary civilizations that rose to power come to mind. The History of the Ancient Seas game series is the ultimate journey through these exciting times. Build new fleets in your city to explore unknown lands, conquer islands and build a great empire. In Hellas, the first episode of the History of the Ancient Seas game series, you lead one of the great city-states - Athens or Sparta. Your goal is to become the first empire in the known world. To achieve this, you must build armies and fleets to increase your military power, expand trade routes, conquer islands and provinces, develop your military skills, economic efficiency and culture, while always keeping an eye on the wealth, happiness and stability of your people.

The game is played in highly interactive micro-pulses. The core of the game system is the action cycle: Players choose one of eight possible actions. Actions chosen by one player cannot be chosen later by the next player. The number of possible actions is limited in each round. War or peace: It's your decision! You can expand your empire by leading your people to war! But war is expensive and the outcome is uncertain. You can lead your empire into the golden age of civilisation by maintaining peace and bringing stability and wealth to your people without following the path of war. Offer terms to your aggressive enemies to distract or delay them, but always be prepared to defend your empire.

You'll move your 3D wooden game pieces (representing fleets and legions) around the beautifully illustrated map, from the centre of the Hellenistic world to the shores of Persia in the east and the sandy beaches of Sicily in the west, to expand your trade network and improve your commercial status.

History of The Ancient Seas I: Hellas CoverHistory of The Ancient Seas I: Hellas Cover 3dHistory of The Ancient Seas I: Hellas MapHistory of The Ancient Seas I: Hellas MapHistory of The Ancient Seas I: Hellas ZoomHistory of The Ancient Seas I: Hellas Zoom

History of The Ancient Seas II: Dies Irae funded on the Kickstarter platform

History of The Ancient Seas II: Dies Irae was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the Oct 6, 2022, the campaign lasted 30 days. 151 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was €33,500.00. Thanks to these 151 people the game could be funded up to €35,963.00, ~107.35%.

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Contents of the box : 1 huge map 60 x 84 cm, 227 wooden game pieces, 76 Talent Pieces, 12 Army/Fleet markers with sturdy holders, 2 Player Tracking Sheets for your troops and income, 2 Game Tracking Aids, 1 Development and Merchandise Chart, 1 Rule Book.

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Primary titleHistory of The Ancient Seas I: Hellas
Year published2023
Release DateMarch 2023
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LanguagesGerman, English, French
Product CodeSOD202201
Size12.60 x 16.93 x 2.76 inches
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DesignersKarl Hausser
ArtistsMarc von Martial
PublishersSound Of Drums
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