Port Arthur
Port Arthur

1-2 PlayersBest of 2 players

75 MinPlaying time

Age: 12+Minimum age

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Taking place on land and at sea at the beginning of the 20th century, the Russo-Japanese war first saw the Japanese invade Korea and win the battle of Moukden. However, it was on the sea that the Japanese were to deliver the final blow at the Battle of Tsushima in May 1905, during which the Russian Baltic Fleet was sent to the bottom. Take the side of the Japanese with their central position and their small but powerful fleet or the side of the Russians who will have to prevent the enemy landings while waiting for the arrival of the Baltic fleet. In 6 turns, will you manage to control more areas than your opponent and win the war?

Ships: Each ship has an Armament Strength (the firepower of the ship), a Defence (the amount of damage the ship can take before it sinks) and a Speed (useful when moving). All the ships of a side in a sea-zone are collectively called a "fleet".

#Historical #Affrontement
Contents of the box : 1 A3 game board, 6 meeple soldiers, 6 dice, 50 ship pieces, 4 markers, 1 game turn track, 1 rule booklet.

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Primary titlePort Arthur
Year published2023
Release DateJune 2023
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Product CodeNUTS-PA
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DesignersYasushi Nakaguro
ArtistsMaud Chalmel
PublishersNuts! Publishing
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicAmateur