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Japan's attack on the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor and Japan's domination of the entire Pacific were real shock to the Western powers. However, the United States destroyed four Japanese aircraft carriers following the Battle of Midway, compromising the advantage of the Japanese Empire. To protect itself from American counter-attacks, Japan decided to capture bases in New Guinea and began building an airfield at Guadalcanal to isolate Australia, the last strong Allied force in the Pacific.

Although unprepared for a ground offensive, the United States managed to capture Guadalcanal airfield, thanks to the efforts of General Alexander Vandergrift and his first Marine Company. In enemy territory and with supplies of low supplies, the Marines must now face Lieutenant General Harukichi Hyakutake at the head of the 17th Japanese army.

Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal recreates these clashes by including sublime plateaus of jungles and beach, Marine units, Empire units, and more. Guadalcanal takes the same body of rules as the other games in the Conflict of Heroes series and adds new special rules such as American artillery fire, Banzai charges, night fights or jungle moves.

Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal Back
Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal Cover
Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal Cover 3d
Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal Plateau
Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal Plateau

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  • Conflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal - Pacifique 1942 Feuilles de Marque : French

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Primary titleConflict of Heroes: Guadalcanal - Pacifique 1942
Year published2016
Release DateJune 2016
Acquisition dateAdd my game acquisition date
Product CodeASY-COHGUA
EAN Code3770001693347
Weight5.07 lbs
Size14.61 x 10.71 x 2.20 inches
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DesignersUwe Eickert
Gunter Eickert
Dean Halley
ArtistsSteve Paschal
Pavlos Germidis
PublishersAsyncron Games
Academy Games, Inc.
DistributorsPixie Games
Type of publicPassionate