Colt Express

2018 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(,) 4.2 - 488 Notes
Colt Express

2-6 Players
Best of 5 players

40 Min
Playing time

Age: 10+
Minimum age


(Good - usually willing to play.)

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July 11, 1899, 10 am, the Union Pacific Express has just left Folsom, New Mexico with 47 passengers on board. A few minutes later, we hear footsteps rushing to the roof, then the first shots. Bandits armed to the teeth point mercilessly to travelers to grab their belongings. But will they keep their cool and avoid the bullets? Who will be able to seize the briefcase containing the pay of the Nice Valley Coal Company, yet under the supervision of Marshal Samuel Ford? A single bandit will achieve his goal: to become the richest outlaw of the gang.

Each player chooses a character, takes the corresponding character card and places it in front of him. He places the 6 Ball cards of his color, in ascending order of the number of balls, to the left of his character card. He mixes the 10 Action cards of his color and places them face down on the right side of his character card: this forms his personal deck. Each player also takes a $ 250 purse and places it on their card, keeping its value hidden.

At the center of the table, train a train with as many cars as there are players. - Choose or randomly select the cars and place them in the order of your choice. - Then add the Locomotive at one end.
Place in each Wagon the number and types of Loot tokens indicated on its floor. Scholarships are drawn at random and arranged with their hidden value.
Place the Marshal token and a Kitty in the Locomotive. Unused Booty tokens are returned to the box except the second Jackpot, which is placed next to the Locomotive.
Randomly take 4 Channel cards from the 7 cards corresponding to the number of players (2-4 players or 5-6 players) and shuffle them. Then take a chance, without revealing it, one of the 3 cards Arriving at the station. Form a deck of 5 cards by placing the 4 Channel cards face down on the Arrival at Station card. Store all other Channel cards in the box.

Place the 13 neutral Ball cards next to the Locomotive.

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Primary titleColt Express
Year published2018
Release DateJanuary 2018
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Product CodeLUCOEX01FRN
EAN Code3770002176610
Weight2.87 lbs
Size11.65 x 11.65 x 2.83 inches
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DesignersChristophe Raimbault
ArtistsIan Parovel
Jordi Valbuena
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily