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When Captain Sicarius and the Ultramarines of the second company arrived on the world of Black Reach, the Orks of Warboss Zanzag already controlled most of the northern continent. Only three of the twelve large hive cities were still standing. When the battle cruiser, Valin's Revenge, arrived in orbit, the defenses of Ghospora, the largest of the three hive cities, were about to fall. Wasting no time, Sicarius ordered his Battle Brothers to rejoin their Drop Pods as the Valin's Revenge began an orbital bombardment. The Drop Pods landed just after the bombardment was over. In a brief but bloody battle, the Ultramarines crushed the Orks against the walls of Ghospora, forcing a bloodied and beaten Zanzag to flee. No sooner had the battle ended than Sicarius set off in pursuit, leaving some of his Brothers to reinforce Ghospora's defenses.

With Sicarius and most of the Ultramarines gone, the Orks renewed their attack on Ghospora. Unfortunately for the Greenskins, Sicarius had foreseen this possibility and several Thunderfire guns had been deployed. As soon as the assault began, a salvo of shells tore through the tight Orkish ranks. The Orks were annihilated and fled. Meanwhile, the hunt continued. Reconnaissance patrols of Thunderhawks and Land Speeders identified several Ork forts along the Blackwallow River. Within a week, Sicarius had planned and carried out attacks against each of them, but Zanzag was nowhere to be found. After the fourth fort was reduced to a pile of rubble, Sicarius had to respond to an urgent request from the Planetary Defense Forces defending the hive city of Sulphora. Torn apart, Sicarius abandoned his hunt and headed south to Sulphora, leaving two squads of scouts, under the command of Sergeant Telion, with the heavy burden of finding the Warboss Ork.

Heroes of Black Reach uses the gameplay mechanics of the Heroes System Tactical Scale, developed ten years ago by Yann and Clem. More information about the Heroes System Tactical Scale.

Warhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black Reach CoverWarhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black Reach PlateauWarhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black Reach PlateauWarhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black Reach Plateau

Heroes of Stalingrad funded on the Kickstarter platform

Heroes of Stalingrad was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the 05 April 2018, the campaign lasted 15 days. 1,720 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was €20,000.00. Thanks to these 1,720 people the game could be funded up to €127,915.00, ~639.58%.

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Warhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black Reach Rulebook : English, French

Contents of the box : 1 Rule Book, 1 campaign of 8 scenarios, 6 terrain tiles, Terrain Elements, Bunkers. Ultramarine units: Sergeant Telion, Chaplain Elianu Trajan, Veteran Sergeant Daceus, 1 Tactical Squad, 1 Scout Squad, 1 Predator Tank, 1 Razorback Tank, Order Markers, 50 Action Cards, Equipment, Orks units : Goff Warboss Rockbrakah, Snake Bites Weirdboy Gravebrakka, Evil Suns Mek Grugnoz, Bad Moon Boyz, Goff Stormboyz, Goff Nobz their Trukk, Death Skull Burna Boyz, 1 Deff Dread, 1 Battlewagon, 1 Trukk, 1 Warbuggy, 1 Mek Gunz, Order Markers, 50 Action Cards, Material.

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Primary titleWarhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black Reach
Year published2018
Release DateMay 2018
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LanguagesEnglish, French
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Weight6.31 lbs
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ArtistsAlexandre BonvalotOlivier Derouetteau
PublishersDevil Pig Games
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