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To win, the road is long and steep and the battle promises to be a tough one. Victory comes from ideas, ideas are born from ten dice. Will you reach the top first? Will you manage to complete the magic square together? Roll your dice. Are you ready to go? Roll! 10 dice, 1,000 ideas. Avoid the false good ideas to find the one that will make you win!

Whether in competitive (in teams) or cooperative (from 2 players) mode, it all starts with a roll of the dice. Immediately, all the players put their neurons into action to find an association of ideas thanks to the different words written on the dice. An association is a word, a place, a character, a title... Anything is possible, there is no limit to the ideas! Thus, Marine will catch the words "Film" and "Boat", because she thinks of "Titanic". In the competitive mode, the stopwatch is launched: Louis, her partner, has 30 seconds to guess what she is thinking about. If he doesn't find it, the opposing team can also try their luck and guess the word Marine. In cooperative mode, all players search simultaneously. But beware, mistakes are counted! If Muna answers "Jaws", the pawn moves on to the track of false good ideas. After 5 false good ideas, the game is over... As the turns go by, the number of dice to match increases, which makes the difficulty - and the atmosphere - higher and higher!

Contents of the box : 24 dice, 2 Team counters, 1 double-sided board with Cooperative Mode and Competitive Mode, 1 rulebook.

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Primary titleAssociation 10 Dés
Year published2020
Release DateMarch 2020
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Product CodeACT028AS
EAN Code5430001592047
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DesignersYves HirschfeldThierry Saeys
ArtistsCédric Michiels
PublishersAct In Games
DistributorsBlackrock Games
Type of publicFamily