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2 PlayersNb of players

40 MinPlaying time

Age: 12+Minimum age

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Now considered one of the world's most beautiful archipelagos, Lofoten was an important Viking territory. Adaptable to a variety of situations, the Vikings were not only peaceful settlers and builders, but also skilled invaders and traders. With your fleet of longships, you are determined to make the most of the 4 essential goods. Also try to become the most powerful Jarl in the archipelago! In Lofoten, you have to load goods from the market into your ships and bring them back to your clan. For each type of goods, a particular score will give you an advantage over the opposing Jarl. Whatever the situation, your goal is to gain more PP (power points) than the opposing Jarl in the final score, to become the most powerful Jarl in the archipelago! Lofoten is a game for two players with an innovative card hand management and a rotating board.

Lofoten ArtworkLofoten ArtworkLofoten BackLofoten Cover 3dLofoten Cover 3dLofoten Eclate
#Medieval #Hand Management
Contents of the box : 16 warehouse cards, 2 game aid cards, 1 first player card, 36 order cards, 1 market board, 2 fleet wheels, 8 Drakkar tiles, 8 coins, 32 goods tiles, 2 shield tokens, 8 Jarl cards, 7 Jarl requirement cards, 1 rulebook.

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Primary titleLofoten
Year published2022
Release DateDecember 2022
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Product CodePGELOF01FR
EAN Code3558380096382
Weight0.86 lbs
Size8.07 x 8.07 x 1.97 inches
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DesignersSébastien Dujardin
ArtistsLuis FranciscoWeberson Santiago
PublishersPearl Games
Type of publicPassionate