Pagan: The Fate of Roanoke - Beyond the Palisades is the first expansion for Pagan: The Fate of Roanoke. Pagan is an asymmetric card game for two players playing the role of the Witch or Witch Hunter. The Witch attempts to perform a renaturation ritual before being unmasked and eliminated by the Witch Hunter. Nine villagers are suspected and only the Witch player knows who the real Witch is. Each turn, players use their action counters on the active villagers to draw cards, play cards, gain influence and manage the Gloom. In addition, the witch can brew powerful potions, upgrade her pet and cast enchantments and charms, while the witch hunter recruits allies, claims strategic locations and ruthlessly investigates villagers.

Beyond the Palisades introduces two new mechanics to Pagan: The Fate of Roanoke. Darkness is a new resource that benefits the wizard player as long as it is in play. It symbolises the witch's symbiotic relationship with the land. Darkness comes into play through dark cards and can be reduced or increased during a game. Some cards can even exceed the natural limits of the darkness they contain. With enough effort and concentration, it is possible to clear the encroaching Gloom. Clearing a map is done by removing every trace of Gloom. Once the card is cleared, it is discarded.

Pagan: Le Destin de Roanoke funded on the Kickstarter platform

Pagan: Le Destin de Roanoke was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the Mar 30, 2021, the campaign lasted 30 days. 2,014 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was €20,000.00. Thanks to these 2,014 people the game could be funded up to €102,236.00, ~511.18%.

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We bring to your attention that this game is an extension and therefore cannot be played alone. Renew your games by enriching your basic game with this extension.

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Contents of the box : 50 Hunter cards, 50 Witch cards, 30 Gloom tokens, 4 Scenario cards, 12 Villager and Overview cards, 9 Suspect cards, 1 rulebook.

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Primary titlePagan: Le Destin de Roanoke - Au-delà des Palissades
Year published2023
Release DateMarch 2023
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Product CodeJDPSMP081
EAN Code3770023051118
Weight1.32 lbs
Size9.84 x 9.84 x 1.77 inches
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DesignersKåre StorgaardKasper Kjær Christiansen
ArtistsMaren Gutt
PublishersSuper MeepleWyrmgold Gmbh
Type of publicAmateur
Expansion for2023 - Pagan: Le Destin de Roanoke