Doom: Le Jeu de Plateau

Doom: Le Jeu de Plateau

2004 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(,) 4.4 - 417 Notes
Doom: Le Jeu de Plateau

The board game is based on the latest Doom 3. One player will play the invader horde while the other players will each play a marine (up to 3). The invader player chooses a scenario (5 basic), places the starting area on the field and draws 5 Invader cards which will allow him to make twisted moves on the marines or to "spawn" creatures. Each marine takes his miniature and his life points, armour points, cartridges and special cards from the start. The quantity depends on the number of marine players. The marine cards will allow special abilities that will make a marine a "sniper", a "scout" ...

The invader player will read the mission briefing and the scenario objectives. Each marine, starting with the one to the left of the invader player, chooses his action type from four and takes his turn: Sprint: the marine has 8 moves; Move: the marine has 4 moves and 1 shot; Unload: the marine has 2 shots; Prepare: the marine can have either 4 moves or 1 shot, and can put an order token on himself

When, following the table turn, each marine has taken his turn, the invader player draws as many invader cards as there are marines and plays his own turn: playing cards and activating some or all of the creatures. Actions (opening doors, picking up objects...) cost movement points. These movement points are spent at a rate of 1 per square, even diagonally. For combat, each weapon uses different dice which are more or less effective. The dice contain 3 pieces of information: the distance, which indicates whether or not you hit, the damage, which indicates the number of wounds inflicted, and the number of rounds expended.

Each time a marine opens a door to an unknown place, the invader player must arrange the following zone (this zone will contain bonus tokens, equipment and/or creatures). All these elements are described in the scenarios and after laying them out the invader player will read the text related to the area and finally the marine can finish his turn. Either the invader player totals 6 frag (knowing that if he finishes his pack of cards he scores 1 extra frag) or the marines complete the objective.

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Contents of the box : 1 rulebook, 1 scenario guide, 4 reference sheets, 66 plastic miniatures, 6 custom dice, 84 cards, 1 compass rose counter, 84 marine equipment bins, 58 map pieces, 14 door markers, 14 plastic door stands, 34 prop markers, 45 ammo tokens, 46 wound tokens, 15 armor tokens, 10 marine order tokens, 42 equipment tokens.

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Primary titleDoom: Le Jeu de Plateau
Year published2004
Release DateNovember 2004
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Product CodeVA08
EAN Code0699788109083
Weight5.07 lbs
Size11.73 x 11.73 x 4.02 inches
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DesignersChristian T. PetersenKevin Wilson
ArtistsBob NaismithScott Nicely
PublishersFantasy Flight GamesUbik
Type of publicAmateur