You enter an enchanted labyrinth in search of fabulous treasures. Cleverly push the corridors, move your pawn and try to reach these coveted treasures. But beware, the corridors of the labyrinth are always moving! The player who has found all his treasures and brought his pawn back to his starting point will be declared the winner. For more than 30 years, millions of people have been enthusiastic about this game principle!

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#Labyrinth #Route #Secret Objective
Contents of the box : 1 board, 35 mobile corridor cards, 16 "treasure" tokens, 16 "help" cards, 4 counters, 1 game rule.

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Primary titleLabyrinthe: Coup de Cœur
Year published2017
Release DateMarch 2017
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Product Code26728
EAN Code4005556267286
Weight0.66 lbs
Size7.56 x 10.83 x 2.17 inches
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DesignersMarco TeubnerMax J. Kobbert
ArtistsAndreas HärlinHerbert LentzHorst LaupheimerJoachim KrausePaul WindleStephen HillenburgSybille RingThomas WeissWolfgang ScheitilluVision
PublishersRavensburger Spieleverlag Gmbh
DistributorsAtaliaIelloPixie Games
Type of publicFamily