Pandemic: Zone Rouge - Amérique du Nord
Reimplemented By : Pandemic Legacy: Saison 0

Pandemic: Zone Rouge - Amérique du Nord

2020 - (x)(x)(x)(x)(,) 4.3 - 2,967 Notes
Pandemic: Zone Rouge - Amérique du Nord

The 3 mysterious diseases threaten all of North America! They are spreading very quickly and all over the territory! Can you find the vaccines before it's too late? In Pandemic Red Zone: North America, you play a member of a team of researchers fighting against the spread of several virulent diseases. You'll have to defeat these scourges by delaying their spread while searching for cures for each of the three viruses before they get out of hand.

Playing a unique role with specific power within the team, players must plan their strategy based on their characters' strengths to defeat the diseases. Each turn they will need to move, heal or perform special actions to try to discover a vaccine. In this new version, Pandemic Red Zone, the mechanics of the successful Pandemic game remain the same, making the games faster and with equipment that can be carried anywhere.

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#Disaster #Medical #Action Points #Cooperative #Hand Management #Moving
Contents of the box : 1 rule book, 1 game board, 70 cards, more than 50 cubes and pawns.

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Primary titlePandemic: Zone Rouge - Amérique du Nord
Year published2020
Release DateJune 2020
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Product CodeZMGPAH01FR
EAN Code8435407630321
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DesignersMatt Leacock
PublishersZ-man Games
Type of publicAmateur