Power Plants
Power Plants

1-5 PlayersNb of players

30 MinPlaying time

Age: 8+Minimum age

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Every wizard in the neighbourhood knows that the best spell components are grown fresh. Unfortunately, only one particular patch of fertile land in the neighbourhood is the best for growing magical plants. Everyone agrees to "share" the garden, but you have a plan: Your team of loyal goblins will use the plants' powers to infiltrate the garden as it grows, so that when everything is in full bloom, the most powerful plots will be yours!

In Power Plants, you are a wizard growing a shared garden of magical plants with your rivals. Each turn, you choose one of the patch tiles from your hand and add it to the growing garden. You can activate the added tile for its dynamic "plant" power or activate all the tiles it touches for their slightly weaker (but still very cool) "growth" power. As the fields expand, you strategically deploy your sprites to take control of more and more of the fantasy flora. Will your horticultural skills be rewarded?

Manipulate the growth of the garden, harvest magical gems and deploy your team of loyal sprites to fend off competitors and control the most valuable fields when the garden is complete!

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Power Plants funded on the Kickstarter platform

Power Plants was funded on the Crowdfunding Kickstarter (See the campaign) platform on the Nov 18, 2021, the campaign lasted 23 days. 2,307 people helped funded the game, whose the amount requested was CA$40,000.00. Thanks to these 2,307 people the game could be funded up to CA$133,808.00, ~334.52%.

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Contents of the box : 64 Patch tiles, 100 Sprite markers, 1 bag, 1 Wizard counter, 8 Plant cards, Gem tokens, 5 Reference cards.

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I try to inform myself about the game, so I do not hesitate to watch a video explanation to know the rules
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Primary titlePower Plants
Year published2022
Release DateDecember 2022
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Product CodeKSPLANTS
Weight2.20 lbs
Size8.46 x 11.61 x 1.57 inches
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DesignersAdam E. Daulton
ArtistsApolline Etienne
PublishersKids Table Bg
Type of publicAmateur