The Silver Note is a famous music festival held every year in a peaceful valley. Talented sheep musicians gather in the hope of receiving the eponymous Lupine Critics' Prize. But this year, the prize has disappeared. A wolf and four accomplice sheep are the culprits - none of them attended the concert. Right now, the wolves are already on the train leaving the valley, but you still have a chance to talk to the sheep. Can you identify the criminal in time to return the missing ticket?

Playing as a team, find out which of the wolves is the culprit. Interrogate the sheep by treating them to the vegetables they like, get crucial information about the judges and the participants of the sheep contest with the help of a special translation device, identify the accomplices and deduce the identity of the thief! If you manage to find the culprit in time, you all win. But if the wolf with the missing note reaches the station and leaves the valley, you all lose.

Arsène Loupin et la Note d’Argent BackArsène Loupin et la Note d’Argent CoverArsène Loupin et la Note d’Argent Cover 3dArsène Loupin et la Note d’Argent EclateArsène Loupin et la Note d’Argent EclateArsène Loupin et la Note d’Argent Eclate

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Contents of the box : 16 Sheep tiles, 16 Wolf cards, 24 Easy business cards (blue), 16 Hard business cards (red), 32 Musical instrument tokens (2 of each of the 16 instruments), 36 Vegetable tokens (27 ripe and 9 rotten), 1 Vegetable bag, 1 Translation case, 1 Wolf board, 1 Wolf figurine, 1 Game rules.

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Primary titleArsène Loupin et la Note d’Argent
Year published2022
Release DateSeptember 2022
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Product CodeJARS
EAN Code3421272164219
Weight1.34 lbs
Size9.45 x 9.45 x 2.36 inches
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DesignersAlexander PeshkovEkaterina Pluzhnikova
ArtistsEkaterina Izobova
PublishersGigamicLifestyle Boardgames Ltd
Type of publicChildren