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Download the rule for Arsène Loupin et la Note d’Argent or any other documents (scenarios, goodies, pedagogical sheet, erratum, ...). 2 PDF files are available.

Sly Wolf and the Missing Note Rulebook


Playing as a team find out which of the wolves is the culprit. Interview the sheep treating them with vegetables they like, obtain crucial information about judges and sheep participants using special translation device, identify accomplices, and deduce the identity of the thief! If you manage to find the culprit in time, you all win. However, if the wolf with the missing note reaches the train station...

8.56 Mo - In English

Arsène Loupin et la Note d’Argent Règle


Chaque année, dans la Vallée Pittoresque, les moutons musiciens les plus talentueux se rassemblent au festival de la Note d’Argent – c’est le nom du trophée suprême, remis au meilleur musicien par un jury de loups. Cette année, c’est la stupeur : le trophée a disparu !

2.33 Mo - In French